What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex?

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Has your ex been showing up in your dreams?  Get the KEYS to release your ex from your dream life!

Learn from Dream Expert, AMY COELLO, the true symbolic meaning of dreams in this webinar.  Come to a deeper understanding of why your ex or other people appear in your dreams and visions from a biblical, Christ centered perspective.   You'll also hear Amy answer the question: Does dreaming about my ex mean that I'm really not over them?  Dive into biblical dream interpretation in this 40 minute video webinar and learn what God is trying to tell you!

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// Dream Expert

Amy is a respected prophetic teacher, successful business owner and has 20 years experience in the legal field. She is a dynamic speaker and storyteller. She is an author, television host, and ministry leader. 

Amy is a co-founder at Eyes2C.org, an on-line dream journal, where Amy leads the team of certified dream interpreters.

She is the former co-host of the internet radio show and current instructor for the online dream school, "A Journey Into Your Dreams.



// Webinar Host

Laura began studying biblical dream interpretation in the 2010, when AMY COELLO began teaching a course on dreams at church.  She began teaching the class herself a year later.  Laura is also the former co-host of the internet radio show, "A Journey Into Your Dreams", along with AMY COELLO.

Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Video

In this webinar, AMY COELLO explains in detail, basic dream principles that will give you understanding and revelation about the significance of your dream life.

You will learn in this video:

  • How to approach dream interpretation from a biblical perspective;
  • About isolating the person(s) in your dream;
  • The symbolic nature of your ex and other people in your dream. Learn how to peek behind the veil of God's dream language;
  • The significance of the name of your ex or other person in your dream; 
  • Discerning what your ex's gift set and how that plays into your dream interpretation;
  • How to recognize prophetic acts in your dreams;
  • Why you shouldn't feel shame, guilt or embarrassment about dreaming of your ex;
  • Whether sexual activity in your dream has to mean something literal in your life;
  • What it could mean when your ex dies in your dream;
  • How to "weigh" (level of importance) the symbols in your dream; and
  • Learn why dreams are context dependent.

It is a jam packed webinar about how to view God's parabolic dream language and unlock the mystery of the message in your dreams.

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