What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex?

Do dreams about your ex mean that you subconsciously want to get back together with them? Or that they are thinking about getting back with you? Or that these dreams are meant to torment you?

Find out what dreaming about your ex may mean for you from dream expert, AMY COELLO.

Amy Coello is the wife of Robert Coello and a mother of many (eleven children). Amy is a respected prophetic teacher, successful business owner with 20 years experience in the legal field. She is a dynamic speaker and storyteller. She is an author, television host, and ministry leader who has given her life fully to Jesus Christ and the advancement of his kingdom in the earth.

Amy is a Co-Founder at Eyes2C.org. At Eyes2C.org she oversees marketing and business development. Having interpreted over a bazillion dreams, she leads the team of certified dream interpreters. Amy brings over 15 years of business start-up experience and plays a pivotal role in launching this exciting endeavor.

Over the last two decades, Amy has been teaching, speaking and equipping thousands of people all over the globe the key principles on how to interpret dreams, importance of understanding the parabolic language of heaven and how God speaks to us through symbols.

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